Check in every day for activities you can do at home!

5/1 - Build A Fort 


  • Various household items (chairs, sheets, pillows, blanket, couch, bed, etc.)

Use various items in your house to build a fort! Once your fort is finished, grab your favorite book and read it inside! 

4/30- Crayon Rubbings


  • Crayon (peeled)
  • Paper
  • Leaf, lego, various other items

Find a material (ex. a leaf) and place it under a piece of paper. Take a peeled crayon, hold it horizontally, and rub! 

What do you see?! Try it with different materials. Compare what the rubbings look like. 

4/29 - Rock Stack


  • Rocks

Find and collect some rocks! Try to find different shapes and sizes. Stack the rocks on top of each other to build the tallest stack. 

How many rocks can you stack?

How tall can you stack the rocks? 

4/28 - Chalk Writing


  • Chalk

Head outside and practice writing with chalk (letters, numbers, your name, shapes, etc.).  Have fun and be creative!

Some children will be working on scribbles and drawings.

Some children will be working on letters, numbers, and shapes. 

Some children will be working on their name/words. 

If you don't have chalk - no problem! Do this activity using markers/crayons and paper! 

4/27- Matching Sets


  • Paper
  • Markers/crayons
  • Magnet/wood/foam numbers (optional)
  • Toys, cereal, etc

On pieces of paper write numbers 1-10 and lay them out on a table or floor (or use magnetic/wood/foam numbers if you have them). Have the child make groups of objects for each number 1-10. Have the child check his/her work by counting the objects, identifying the number, and deciding if they match! 

4/24 - Puzzles


  • A puzzle
  • paper/popsicle sticks
  • Markers/crayons

Complete a puzzle that you have at home!


Create and complete your own puzzle! You can do this by drawing a picture on a piece of paper and cutting it into pieces, or by taping together popsicle sticks, drawing on them, then mixing them up! 

4/23 - Letter/Sound Match


  • Various household items
  • Child's name written down (optional for visual support)

Using the letters in your name, find an object that begins with each letter. If the child is struggling, try to place an emphasis on the sounds that each letter makes. For example, "Healy, /h/, /h/. Hmm what else starts with /h/? "

"/ch/, /ch/ chair? Nope."

"Oh I know! /h/, /h/, hanger starts with H!" 

4/22 - Recycled Building


  • Various recyclable materials

Happy Earth Day!! It is very important that we recycle and are kind to our home - Planet Earth. Recyclable materials are items that can be reused and/or made into something new! Find some recyclable materials in your home, and build something new out of them! 

Check out these videos if you're interested in learning more about recycling and Earth Day:  (field trip to a landfill) (how to recycle song) (Earth Day Song) (Peppa pig recycling episode) (Sesame Street Earth Day Video)

4/21 - Drawing the Story


  • Your favorite book (or a video of your favorite book on Youtube if you don't have it at home)
  • Paper
  • Markers/crayons

Read or listen to your favorite book! Then, on a piece of paper, draw the story. Try to add as many details as you can!

 Can you draw the main character? 

Can you draw one place that the character went in the story? 

Can you draw one event from the story? 

Optional activity - On a different piece of paper, draw what you predict would happen next in the story. 

4/20 - I Spy 


  • toilet paper/paper towel roll

Give your child, and yourself (or any other family members), a "spy glass," which is a toilet paper roll! Then take turns describing and finding objects. Make it fun and challenging! Some examples:

 I spy something red

I spy something with stripes

I spy something that birds eat

I spy something you can use to water plants

I spy something that is wet

I spy the letter F

I spy the number 12

I spy something that grows tall

I spy something that has petals

I spy something that smells good

I spy something that feels sticky

I spy something that is loud when you hit it

I spy something with 4 wheels 

4/8 - Toy Rescue Mission! (Ice experiment)


  • water/freezer
  • a toy(s)
  • a cup(s)
  • a cookie sheet/bath tub/plate/container

Parents, please freeze some small plastic toys in water. Once they are frozen, challenge your child to rescue the toys! Help your child problem solve how to melt ice faster by using salt, or by using tools (paint brush, toy hammer, spoon) to break the ice!

4/7 - Make A Bracelet! 


  • String/shoelace/yarn/pipe cleaner
  • pasta/cereal/beads

Create a bracelet using materials in your home! 

4/6 - Family Drawing


  • paper
  • pencil/marker/crayons/paint

Who is in your family? Draw a picture and label all of your family members! Add lots of details! 

4/3 - Building! 


  • Various household materials (no blocks!)
Find something in your house that you can build with - besides blocks! Build something tall, and build something wide. Can you build something taller/wider than you?!

4/2 - Shape Hunt


  • Various household items
Search inside/outside your house to find different shapes! Can you find all of the shapes in the picture? Can you find some shapes that are not in the picture? 

Optional Extension: Trace or draw some of the shapes you found! 

4/1 - Sorting


  • various toys
  • cereal/candy

See how many ways you can sort your toys/food. Can you sort by color? Shape? Size? 

3/31 - Self Portrait


  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Paint
  • Mirror

Look in the mirror and describe what you see. What features do you have? What shape is your face? What color are your eyes? Then, draw a picture of yourself! Include lots of details! 

3/30 - Letter Hunt


  • Paper
  • pencil/crayon/marker

Go on a letter hunt around your house! See how many letters you can find hiding around your house! Where are letters in your kitchen? Bedroom? Living room? Can you find all of the letters in your name? Write down the letters that you find on a piece of paper. 

3/27 - Line Them Up!


  • various sized toys

Collect 10 (or more) toys/objects from around your house! Then, line them up from biggest to smallest. 

3/26 - Not a Box


  • any kind of box
  • tape
  • scissors (with adult help/supervision)
  • crayons/markers

Watch this video:

Discuss with your child how the bunny uses his imagination to pretend that the box is something else! Can you name some of the things the bunny turns his box into, using his imagination? 

Use your creativity and imagination to turn your box into something else! 

3/25 - Find a Rainbow!


  • basket/bag
  • various different colored household items

Grab a basket/bag and "find a rainbow" in your house! Look for and collect different colored items. Can you find and identify each color in the rainbow?

3/24 - Make a Face!


  • Various household items

Find items around the house that you can use as different parts of the face. What can you use as the eyes? Mouth? Nose? 

Use these items to make a happy face, sad face, angry face, and surprised face. What other emotions can you make? 

Discuss emotions and a time you felt that way! "Can you tell me about a time you felt sad? What does a sad face look like?" "Can you tell me about a time you felt happy? Why did that make you happy? 

Here is a link to an emotion song/dance if interested:

3/23- Make a Ramp!


  • blocks
  • boxes
  • books
  • paper
  • paper towel/toilet paper rolls
  • tape
  • car/ball/marble

Use household objects to build a ramp! Test the ramp with a car, ball, or marble. Does it move fast or slow? How can you make it go faster/slower?  How far does your car/ball/marble travel? How can you make it travel a longer/shorter distance? 

3/20 - Number Hunt!

  • Paper
  • pencil/crayon/marker

Go on a number hunt around your house! See how many numbers you can find hiding around your house! Where are numbers in your kitchen? Bedroom? Living room? Look out your window. Do you see any numbers? Write down the numbers that you find on a piece of paper. 

3/19 - Make a Pattern! 


  • cereal
  • candy
  • blocks
  • crayons/markers
  • anything!

Use any materials you can find to make a pattern! Try to make an ABAB pattern (red, blue, red, blue), AABB pattern (red, red, blue, blue), ABB (red, blue, blue), or ABC pattern (red, blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow). How many different patterns can you make?!

The students really enjoy this video about patterns. Check it out!

3/18 - Sticks


  • Any sort of stick - popsicle sticks, straws, tooth picks, actual sticks
Use sticks to create shapes, letters, and numbers. Try to make your name out of sticks!