Check in every day for activities you can do at home!

5/1 - Dance Movements 


Put on your favorite song and dance fast, slow, silly, in a circle, and more! Follow the directions on the dance movement poster. Which way is your favorite way to dance?

Can you create your own dance moves?

4/30 - Animal Yoga


Perform the Animal Yoga moves. Make sure you are focusing on your breathing! Can you create any of your own animal yoga moves? 

4/29 - Coordination Practice


Check out the Coordination Movements Poster! Can you complete all of the movements? Which ones were easiest for you? Which ones were the hardest? 

4/28 - Ball Skills!


Head outside and practice your ball skills! This poster has 7 activities:

Target practice

Animal Ball Toss


Bouncing Ball

Balloon Games

Wall Ball


How many can you do?! Which is your favorite? 

4/27- What's You Name Workout


Spell out your name! Complete the listed activity for each letter. Can you do your last name too?! 

4/24 - Move Like a Bug!


Think about some of the insects you find during the spring time. Can you move like them? Follow the directions on the cards!

4/23 - Make a Kite!


  • A plastic bag
  • String/rope

Grab a plastic bag. Tie a piece of string around the handles of the bag. Run around and make your kite fly! 

4/22 - Earth Day Yoga (*see post below, first) 

This is an additional activity in case the weather is bad, or just for fun! 


4/22 - Nature Walk


  • none! 

Happy Earth Day! Go for a walk around the block, or around your back/front yard! Use your senses to explore and discuss what you find! 

Some examples of things to explore: 

What do you see in the dirt? What do you see in the trees? 

What do you hear? What do you think might be making that noise?

What do you smell? Is it a good smell, or a bad smell?

**If you have a garden** What do you taste? 

What do you feel? Is the bark on a tree bumpy or smooth? How does the grass feel? 

4/21 - Building a Boat! 


  • Various household materials (toilet paper rolls, plastic containers, box, popsicle sticks, aluminum foil etc.)
  • Tape/glue
  • Sink/tub & water

Have your child build a boat out of various household materials. Give them choices, but allow them to make their own decisions about what to use and how to use it in order to build the boat! 

Once they are done building, have them predict whether the boat will sink or float, and why. If the definition of these two words confuses them, remind them that floating means the boat stays on top, and sinking means it goes to the bottom. 

Test out the boat! Place the boat in a filled sink or tub. Have the child describe if the boat is sinking or floating. Was their prediction correct? Why or why not? 

4/20 - Blowing Bubbles!

  • water
  • dish soap
  • bowl/container
  • sock
  • water bottle
  • scissors/knife (for parents/set up!)


  1. Cut the bottom off of a water bottle
  2. Grab a large sock and pull it over the bottom of the bottle
  3. Gather a bowl and fill it with water and dish soap
  4. Dip the bottle with the sock on it into the dish soap mixture and then blow bubbles!

Talk to your child about blowing out. You can use the example of blowing out a birthday candle! If they suck in - they will most likely taste soap, so you may want to practice blowing out beforehand.

Have the child predict what will happen when they blow into the bottle! Then, have the child describe what is happening! Was his/her prediction correct? 

4/8- Indoor Obstacle Course


  • Various household items (ex. couch, chairs, table, cushions)

Create an obstacle course using household items! Be sure to make something to crawl under, something to crawl/jump over, and something to move through. 

4/7 - Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes!

No materials needed!

Sing and move to Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes. Here is a link to the song if you need it for reference:

After singing the traditional version, switch it up! You can sing the body parts in a different order (ex. Shoulders, toes, knees & head) or have your child identify 4 more body parts.  For example, you can sing:

Belly, hands, legs & neck, 

legs & neck

Belly, hands, legs & neck

legs & neck


4/6 - Spring Scavenger Hunt


Head outside or look out your window and try to find all of the Spring items on the list! What else did you find?! 

4/2 - Basket Toss


  • ball
  • basket/bucket

Find a basket or a bucket and underhand toss a ball into it. Each time you throw, move the bucket a little farther and try throwing again. Count how many times you make it in! 

4/2- Spring Yoga


Discuss our new season, Spring. What do we see during the spring time? What kind of animals do we find? What happens to the trees/flowers? 

Perform the Spring Yoga moves. Make sure you are focusing on your breathing! Can you create any of your own spring yoga moves? 

4/1 - Puddle Jump


  • Marker/paper or chalk

On pieces of paper, write numbers 1-10 (1-20 if your child is working on identifying numbers beyond 10). Spread the papers out all over the floor. Call out a number. Have the child find that number and "jump in the puddle" by jumping on it. Continue until all numbers have been jumped on! If you choose to do this outside, just draw the puddles/numbers on the ground with chalk.

Variation: Place the papers on the floor - not too far apart from one another, but jumping distance. Have the child start at one puddle, and jump to another- then another. As they hop from puddle to puddle, they will call out the number that they are jumping to. 

3/31 - The Floor is Lava!

  • Various household items

Have your child get from point A to point B without touching the floor! They can use any material to get from point A to point B. Some examples are: pillows, paper, and a blanket. Be creative! If you touch the lava, start over! 

3/30 - HIIT Workout for Kids


Complete the HIIT workout! Which move did you like the best? Which one was the most challenging? 

3/27 - Limbo


  • Stick/rope

Find something that you can use as a limbo stick! Play limbo with your family! Each time you go under, the stick will get lower. How low can you get?! 

3/26 - Super Hero Yoga


Perform the Superhero Yoga moves. Make sure you are focusing on your breathing! Can you create any of your own superhero yoga moves? 

3/25 - Bowling!

  • cups
  • ball

Grab some cups and set them up like bowling pins. Then, roll your ball and see how many cups you can knock down! 

3/24 - String Shapes


  • string/yarn/shoe lace

Use your string to make different shapes on the floor!

Get creative and think of different movements you can do in/around your shape. For example, hop in and out of the shape with two feet, hop around the shape on 1 foot, hop over the shape, skip around the shape, walk around the shape, etc. Describe how you are moving! 


3/23 - Move Like an Animal! 


  • Yourself
  • A parent/sibling/friend

Have someone call out different types of animals and move like them! 

Additional activity - The students enjoy this video with a similar idea:

3/20- Jump Contest!


  • Yourself! 
  • A family member/friend
  • Tape/Ruler (optional)
  • Timer (optional)

Have a contest with a family member or friend to see who can:

  1. Jump higher 
  2. Jump farther - you can use a piece of tape to mark a "start" line and another piece of tape to mark where you landed. Measure to see how far you both jumped! 
  3. Hop longer - see who can keep hopping for the longest amount of time! Try once with 2 feet, and another time with 1 foot!
  4. Stand on one leg longer - See who can stand on one leg and balance the longest!

3/19 - Have a Parade!


  • Recycled materials
  • Glue/tape
  • Various materials around the house - boxes, cans, pots & pans, rubber bands, paper, straws, etc.

Find some materials around the house and make an instrument! Get creative! Figure out what items you can put together to make a noise. If you don't want to make an instrument, find any object(s) that can make a noise! Have a parade inside your house!

3/18 - Ice Skating! 


  • Magazine pages
  • a carpet
  • music
  • scissors

Find some old magazines and cut out the pages. Use these as "ice skates" on the carpet and skate around to some music!